Top 10 Essentials For Newborns

Top 10 Essentials For Newborns

Top 10 Essentials For Newborns

Hey, congratulations! Your first born is coming along the way and as new parents, it can be excitingly daunting at times trying to figure out what basic baby items to purchase especially in a modern parenting world where everything is available just with a click of your finger and walahhhhh, your delivery is at your doorstep before you even know it.

Here is my take on a baby 101 essential kit that any parent-to-be should consider :

Nappies, Photo courtesy of The Manja Company

Diapers. Your baby’s first gifts to new parents are urination and defecation! And this is no laughing matter. Whether you decide to get re-usable diapers, single use diapers or swaddler diapers, this is definitely numero uno on your essential kit list!

Bamboo Kimono onesies, Photo courtesy of The Little Bubs Company

Mittens and booties. Protect your newborn’s hands and feet with cute mittens and booties to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves by accidentally scratching their delicate skin and face. It keeps them nice and cosy too!

Onesies. Easy clothing essentials are blessings to new parents without having to worry about losing its pairing pants or top on laundry day. And have you seen those cute onesies with all sorts of hilarious puns? Those are definitely must haves!!

Ointment for diaper rash, Photo courtesy of Mama Natural Solutions

Ointments and creams. That basic skin care protection for your newborn baby, be it to keep your baby’s skin moist at all times, for a mosquito bite or to combat nappy rashes, it is important to get suitable ointments, powders, creams and other bath time essentials, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

Feeding essentials, Photo courtesy of

Breast milk essentials and baby bottles. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding via infant formula, get breast milk essentials such as breast pumps, storage containers, re-usable breast milk zip-lock bags, a mini fridge and steriliser for your baby feeding utensils such as pumps and baby bottles. Always remember that mother’s milk is the best primary source of nutrition for newborns.

Burping cloths. This is one of the most essential feeding aids when you are burping your baby after feeding. Choose one in a soft fabric that is hypoallergenic. It ought to be washable and re-usable, and depending on your baby’s feeding routine and your frequency of doing laundry, you will be able to know how many spare burping clothes you should have handy.

Changing pad, Photo courtesy of So Delightful

Changing mats.  This is a life saver in view of messes and diaper changes! Whether or not you have a changing station, a changing mat is foldable, washable, wipeable and most importantly it is an essential wherever your baby goes with you. Less mess, means less time cleaning and more time for your baby!

Crib or bassinet. A baby’s good night’s sleep is an essential part of growth and also sanity to any new parent. A crib or bassinet provides comfort so you too can have a good night’s sleep! There are plenty of choices to choose from depending on your budget, preference, mobility and so forth.

Stroller and baby carrier. –Being mobile definitely is important especially with new parents who are still getting used to their new routine. A stroller or baby carrier is definitely something worth investing in when you want to be mobile and be on the go with your newborn.

Car seat, Photo courtesy of Safe ‘n Sound

Car seat. Safety comes first! A car seat is definitely a travelling companion especially if your mode of transportation is a car, and you need to consider driving with no distractions while your baby is safely tucked in with safety belt in her car seat. Never drive with your baby on your lap even if you are just a passenger!

Bathing essentials, Photo courtesy of Rivadouce

And there you go, if you are new to parenthood, you are not alone. We hope our top 10 newborn essential kit will help you make some important purchase decisions before welcoming your first born and many more babies after.

Variety of essentials, Photo courtesy of Manjaku Baby Mall