Stylo Mylo

Comfortable baby means happy baby, Photo courtesy of the writer, Leticia Hsu

Stylo Mylo

Bamboo kimono onesies, Photo courtesy of The Little Bubs Company

Dressing your kids can be as easy as a cloth diaper and you’re good to go, or you can dress them to the nines at all times. It depends on your personality (and theirs), the occasion, the environmental conditions and your budget.

You will quickly realise as your child grows that some kids have their own personality and style, which they project at an early age. Albeit girls more than boys, but they will be able to tell you what they like and don’t like. Although their colour coordination and practicality may not jive with yours, they do have a mind of their own.

However, it’s not all about style. As mamas, here is a list of essentials you need to keep in mind when shopping for your kids.

Safety first. Avoid clothing that may pose as a safety and choking hazard. You also want clothing that will not hinder your kid’s movements.

Fabric. Comfort above style, you want to opt for soft and natural materials which will suit our weather and climate.

Machine washable. Kids are messy, just one outing could involve 2 to 3 changes. You really do not want to have to deal with dry cleaning your kid’s clothes along with your office attire.

Size. Let’s be honest, I have t-shirts that are 5 years old because they still look good. But kids probably wear their clothing only for a few months before they outgrow them. So, buy a little larger size, keeping in mind that cotton also shrinks a bit after washing.

Fancy clothing. That multi-layer frill dress with tiny buttons and a bow looks great in photos but some materials irritate the skin and become not very comfortable at all. It’s fine to have fancy clothing for a special occasion but not every single piece needs to be fancy.

So, you’re a fashionista mama, well we’ve got you too. Let’s go with fashionable comfort wear. What do we do?

Pick various colour schemes. Experiment with colours and you’ll eventually find a colour scheme that both you and your kid like, which makes them look good and works with most combinations of clothing. Plus, you’ll find that the family photo looks great when everyone coordinates with each other.

Classic shapes, patterns with fun details. Classic is always best. Today’s favourite cartoon character is tomorrow’s dish cloth. So, pick outfits that won’t date so quickly with little fun details that make it age appropriate.

Pick what they love. You love dogs, but your daughter loves cats. Even if you buy the cutest dog sweater, she’s just going to sulk throughout the duration you force her to wear it. Pick your battles. It’s hard enough to satisfy your kid’s needs. Happy kid, happy mama.

Purchase online or visit a store to look at options, Photo courtesy of Manjaku Baby Mall

A dress that she loves too makes it worth a thousand words, Photo courtesy of the writer, Leticia Hsu

Be realistic. Remember what the occasion, weather condition and activities that your kid may be doing with that outfit. A layered frilly dress is not going to do well with sand play. For Laena’s birthday, I wanted her to wear this ‘to-die-for’ unicorn ball dress and I also wanted to have a messy play area with paint, sand, water and the works. I would scream my head off if she got paint on that ball gown…. so, we had a costume change! Ballgown to cut cake and a cute jumper for messy play. Go wild, child!