Protect Your Baby, Protect You

Antibacterial surface spray, Photo courtesy of Milton

Protect Your Baby, Protect You

Gentle body wash, Photo courtesy of Rivadouce

By now, Covid-19 is now the most common buzz word in every household. On top of being new parents and adding to the anxiety of keeping yourself safe, you now have a baby in times of an unprecedented pandemic, and we are absolutely with you on being anxious.

Keep calm. We’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve got you.

First things first. We do know that the best way to combat Covid-19 is to be proactive – not reactive – hence, why we wear face masks, we social distance and we practise covid-safe measures.

So let us take you through some precautionary tips for new parents to keep your baby as safe as possible during this pandemic. Even without the presence of a pandemic, these are generally good practices when you have vulnerable young babies and children who are easily susceptible to germs and viruses as their immune systems are still developing.

Self-hygiene. Before you can protect your baby, you need to keep yourself safe by practising good hygiene practices on yourself. This includes sanitising your hands and even showering and changing your clothes if you have been exposed outside of home, before handling your baby or his food or feeding equipment. Self-hygiene should be the utmost importance to anyone handling your baby.

Clean home. Surfaces and air are the most obvious ways which have been proven for Covid-19 (and most other viruses and germs for the matter) to transmit. So, ensure that common surfaces at home that you or your baby may come into contact with are properly cleaned by a baby friendly antibacterial surface spray or anti-bacterial wipes. This includes taking into account door handles, table surfaces and any external items brought into the home especially bags and groceries.

Hand sanitiser, Photo courtesy of Purell

Sterilising tablets and cold water steriliser, Photo courtesy of Milton

Clean baby. Whilst you cannot exactly spray your baby with an antibacterial cleaner to clean her (and please do not attempt it), it is still essential to ensure she is properly cleaned or washed with a gentle but effective cleanser especially if she has been out with you or if her hands have touched possibly uncleaned or common surfaces. You must also take into consideration cleaning and sterilising items which come into contact with your baby. Germs can easily be introduced to your baby by contact. This includes their toys and feeding utensils such as bottles, soothers, breastfeeding and travel equipment.

Safety on the go. Whilst there are some movement restrictions that will come on and off during this pandemic situation, there will be a time you will need to bring your baby out and ideally at some time, be able to travel and go on holiday. Truth be told, Covid will be here for a long time and we will all have to learn to live with it one way or another. So, hygiene and safety practices do not end at the door of your home, in fact more than ever, you will need to extend them whilst out on the go whether at a restaurant, a public change facility or even if you are a guest outside of your home. Consider equipping your bag with hygiene staples such as antibacterial gel or sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and items that allow you to sterilise your baby’s items whilst you are away. These may also include sterilising tablets or fluid and an appropriate container to do so.

Limit visitors, avoid crowds. We know everyone is excited to see the baby. Who does not love baby cuddles? However, we have to remember that babies with a developing immunity system are very vulnerable to catching illnesses. As such, try to keep your social circle small when out with your baby and do not be afraid to say ‘no’ to other people handling your baby – even though they are family, especially when you do not know who and where they have been exposed to prior to meeting up with you and your child.

Vaccinate. This may be a controversial topic as there are different views on vaccination even before the presence of Covid-19. We are not advocating either views here but we implore you to weigh the risks and benefits of vaccination and choose the choice where the probability of benefits outweigh the risks.

Moisturising cream, Photo courtesy of Rivadouce

Stay vigilant always, Photo courtesy of Purell

Just as important as it is to stay on top of hygiene at home and on the go, it is also important to note that sanitisation products can sometimes dry out our skin due to the high alcohol content to kill germs and bacteria. Hence keeping an appropriate skincare routine is also essential for both you and your baby. After all, your baby’s hygiene and safety begins with you.