Out And About With Baby On Your Own

Out And About With Baby On Your Own

Strollers to choose from, Photo courtesy of LittleWhiz.com

Having a baby does not mean you need to stay shackled at home. You would want to see some friends (and your friends would also want to see you), you would like to go and do some shopping or just go for a walk. So, when the time comes when you have finally mustered the courage to consider taking your baby out on your own, do not feel terrified, you can do it!

Whilst it may sound daunting to a new parent to be out on their own with a baby, let us take you through some survival tips that will make that outing (almost) a breeze :

Pack light. Consider a nappy bag that can hold all that is necessary for that outing but practical to carry with you. In other words, one that is sufficient to hold a couple of diapers, wipes, bottle (if you are bottle feeding), your purse or wallet, mobile phone, a change of clothes for accidents or change of weather, without being overly heavy or burdensome.

Nappies, Photo courtesy of The Manja Company

An easy to handle stroller. Have a travel stroller that is easy to fold and unfold and not fiddly and too heavy for you to handle if you need to get in and out of the car or on and off public transport.

Baby wearing. If you would like to keep your hands free, consider baby wearing. There are now many options for comfy baby carriers – from slings, to carriers that could be both front and back wearing – choose one that is age appropriate, and ergonomic so that you can wear your baby safely and comfortably. Baby wearing has proven benefits to calm an anxious baby and at the same time, allow parents to be hands-free whilst keeping baby close and safely to you. This would also be especially handy if you are in a crowded place or travelling by public transport, or if you need to take a pit stop, you can pee in confidence! Investing in a good carrier can easily take you up to toddler years.

Travel safely with a newborn car seat, Photo courtesy of Babylab

Cute giraffe teether, Photo courtesy of TeetherJoy

Baby entertainment. Whilst it may seem like you want to take his favourite toys, even maybe the exersaucer with you just in case, you actually do not need to. If you are travelling by car, having some entertaining toys near his car seat will help entertain him whilst you are driving. If your baby is still in a rear facing carseat, having a mirror where he can see you usually helps to settle the baby. However, whilst out, you will be surprised that your baby might need little toys as he takes in the new sights and sounds of his new surroundings as his new entertainment.

Plan but be adaptable. Have a plan – whether you are heading to a few shops or meeting up with friends, take into consideration your baby’s sleep and feed times. You do not want to be walking around whilst it is time for her feed, as she will then be fussy. If you have a baby already on solids, consider bringing snacks along. Snacks can sometimes buy you time when you hit a snag in your time. Have a plan B. In other words, if you plan to shop at 5 separate shops but only ended up with 3 and your baby gets fussy, prepare to abandon the remaining shops for another day or take a break.

Lastly, you must not forget the one essential thing to bring along – your sense of humour! I remembered the first time I ventured out with my bub out to the shops, I brought everything my baby needed, the one thing I forgot? My wallet – having to discover that only at the check out registers. So yes, you can plan but some things can still go wrong. Laugh about it and move on.

The first time, as with anything new, will always seem overwhelming but after a few times, you will be winging it like a pro.

Batik ring sling, Photo courtesy of SNUGGbaby