Nursery Start Up: Essentials And Tips

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Nursery Start Up: Essentials And Tips

The moment we talk about baby nurseries, we are immediately dividing the parents-to-be into two camps – the excited, go all out parents-to-be, ensuring that there’s a full room set-up for baby and then there are the parents-to-be who are just going to push some furniture aside in a room (or their room) to make space for the baby.

Whichever camp you fall in, there are still the basic essentials that you will likely require when your baby comes along. So, let us have a look at these as we put the frills aside which may set one item apart from another depending on personal preferences :

Baby crib, Bassinet, Porta cot. Where the baby sleeps depends on your preference and space available. If you are getting a crib, consider one that can be turned into a toddler bed to get the most out of the bed. Bassinet and Porta cot (also known as travel cot) are good alternatives and can be space saving. If you are getting a mattress, always ensure the mattress is firm to avoid risk of Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS).

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Bed linen and accessories. Choosing a comfortable fabric to suit the climate the baby is in is always a good idea. Look for natural, breathable fabrics. When babies are still small, note that less is best on where to baby sleeps for safety reasons. So, keep the pillows, bolsters, cot bumpers and quilts aside for now.

Wardrobe or drawers. You will require a dedicated space to keep and organise all of your baby’s clothing and diapers.

If your budget and space permit, it would be great to have the nice-to-have essentials :

Change table. A dedicated space to change the baby is always helpful. It also allows your baby to be at a comfortable level for you to do the change (consider this heaven sent if you had a caesarean or are healing from natural childbirth) and avoid back breaking positions. Often, you can also find some change tables and drawers which are combined and convertible and this will help in space saving and yet serve as storage for your baby’s necessities and clothes.

Armchairs / reclining / breastfeeding chair. Whilst some may say that this is not an essential item at all, personally, this has helped a great deal for me for the night feeds and baby comfort. If you have invested in a good recliner, this could subsequently be used for a long time and even as a little reading corner when bub is older.

Baby monitor. As much as you are a doting parent, nobody is going to be sitting there watching the baby sleep all the time. Having a baby monitor allows you freedom to do other things around the house whilst still keeping your baby within earshot around the house.

And now, let us look at some of the frills for the parents who want it all or more :

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Bamboo muslin swaddles, Photo courtesy of The Little Bubs Company

Theme. As you set up baby’s room, you might want to have a theme running throughout. It can be fun as you play with colours, patterns, toys in setting up your baby’s room. Often, you will find that you are able to obtain an entire room’s décor in a single theme from one brand if you want to be “matchy matchy” or have a play of having mix and match.

Crib mobile. Some parents have found that a crib mobile is an essential item to help soothe and calm the baby to sleep, or to entertain whilst they are awake. Else, a crib mobile is still a nice-to-have item as part of the crib décor.

Toys. This is probably the fun bit! There are so many varieties of baby (age-appropriate) toys but ensure that the toys you purchase meet safety standards, e.g. small parts and unsecured batteries that may be a hazard to the baby.

Lighting. Having a stand or table lamp is helpful for nightime changing and feeds. It provides a dimmer light without overwhelming the baby so that there is still a distinction between night and day for the baby.

Rug or playmat. As your baby grows, a rug or playmat on the floor is helpful for tummy times and all the other non-crib moments by allowing the baby some space to explore and play.

Lastly, remember that the nursery is your baby’s safe and peaceful haven, so it does not need to be choking with things or stressful on the pocket! At the end of the day, what is most important is the baby and you, and decorating the nursery is just the icing on the cake!

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