#MamatribeHotMama Feature

#MamatribeHotMama Featured, Photo courtesy of Stella Khoo

#MamatribeHotMama Feature

We are happy to get to know Stella Khoo and her family, winners of our #MamatribeHotMama November contest that was run in collaboration with Cliff Choong Photography. Here’s what Stella has to say …

Hello everyone, I’m Stella Khoo. Originally from Ipoh, I now reside in Klang, Selangor.

I have been a mama for almost 4 years and I enjoy being a mama! And I am still learning. It’s my greatest joy to be blessed with 2 kids now. My daughter Shuen is almost 4 years old and my son Chern is 5 months old.

As I am a working mom, I enjoy and look forward to every weekend where I can spend time on activities with my girl (my son is still too small now), for example, baking, cooking, art and craft, photo taking, nature sight-seeing etc. I find all these to be so therapeutic for me, just like the compilation of photos/videos for the contest!

If I could turn back time, I would like to bring my girl for more camping trips!! We just managed to go campaign twice, at 2 different campsites before the pandemic. We enjoyed it so much and shall go for more when the time is right again. I love growing up with my kids and keep learning.

True, one of the main lessons I learned as a mama is to be patient. Before being a mama, I was rather impatient and often liked to rush. I learned this lesson physically from my confinement nanny (during my first confinement). My nanny was so patient and steady. When she held my crying newborn, immediately my daughter stopped crying. Prior to this, no matter how I soothed and swaddled her, she would not stop crying. After this incident, I learned to be calm, steady and patient when dealing with kids. Babies and kids sense our emotion very well. Happy mama, happy kids, happy family!