Laundry Day With Your Kids!

Antibacterial laundry tablets kill bacteria and viruses while laundry liquid cleans and removes dirt, Photo courtesy of Milton

Laundry Day With Your Kids!

Antibacterial laundry cleanser neutralises bacteria and fungi that cause bad odours, Photo courtesy of Milton

Little did we know that laundry day can be a chore that is fun and educational while cultivating good habits when your kids are as young as 5 or 6 years old, instilling in them that doing laundry is not gender biased, especially when the results of such effort are clean and nice smelling laundry.

What you need to start with :

The laundry basket. Guide your kids that every time they take their clothing off before shower, the soiled laundry has a special place; the laundry basket.

The washing. Whether you have a washing machine at home or you bring your laundry to the self-laundrette, always encourage your kids to help to put the laundry into the machine and explain the process of washing from putting detergent or explaining the amazing automatic injection system that a self-laundrette has. This can be amazing for your toddler the first time, to when the washed laundry is placed into the dryer to tumble dry.

The hangers. If you are doing washing at the comfort of your home, hangers are your next best friend to allow your kids to hang the washed apparel on their own and identifying what type of clothing they are from t-shirts, to trousers to shirts to dresses. This not only helps with coordination, but you get to teach your kids at a very young age how to hang clothing the right way (or Mummy’s way).

Folding apparel. Get your kids involved even if it is only a few garments to start with by teaching them how to fold simple clothing and get them to help to store them or hang the clothing with your help and supervision.

Laundry Day can benefit your kids in the long run by raising helpful kids who understand that house chores are a family responsibility together, while nurturing good habits in your kids at a very young age.

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