Keeping Germs Away With Confidence

Thoroughly sanitise and disinfect with a surface spray, Photo courtesy of Purell

Keeping Germs Away With Confidence

Surface wipes are effective and easy to use, Photo courtesy of Purell

As a parent I have never been as paranoid with sanitising and disinfecting our little home since the pandemic hit us, but it also taught me to be more selective of cleaning agents and disinfectants that I use in our home especially with a little one who literally has his tiny hands in every nook and corner of our home. As routine cleaning takes even greater precedence, I find myself trying different products in our home and finding the right fit for effective and ease of cleansing without being harmful is a priority.

Importantly, my son got into the same habit of wiping down his own table and his toys (as and when he remembers or being nudge by Mommy) and we both found surface wipes to be very handy. It is easy to use, easy to store and with just one pull, we find ourselves wiping our home surfaces, toys and many other areas, disinfecting and eliminating germs quickly and with ease. A surface spray that has disinfectant properties is also a regular in our home, particularly when it comes to cleaning larger surface areas, such as in the living room, dining area and kitchen.

I am sure I am not the only parent out there whose focus on cleaning and disinfecting has become part of our normalcy, and using products that are safe for our little ones is very much a considered decision.

Some features to contemplate include the following :

Fast germ-kill. A product that not only eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces but can eliminate the Covid-19 virus in 30 seconds is certainly one that should be considered! That just gave me a confident boost, especially in wiping surfaces such as door knobs and commonly touched home devices such as remote controls for our tv and air conditioner.

Low toxicity.  A lowest allowable toxicity rating provides assurance that the product is least harmful as possible.

Food-contact safe. I have always been so concerned about using disinfectants and sanitisers in the kitchen in order to avoid contaminating our food and drinks. Therefore, look for products that are formulated for food-contact surfaces which then dispenses with the need for constant rinsing, wearing of gloves or washing our hands after use.

For a busy single mom like me, juggling work and my son on the spectrum while adding Covid-19 fear into the picture, convenience and safety are two factors that makes our lives easier.  And when no mixing, diluting or preparation is needed, such products also do not add to our stress level. You either just pull-out a surface wipe or simply just spray on the surface to sanitise and disinfect. How easy is that!