Cheering On A Stressful Day Away

Cheering On A Stressful Day Away

Listen to music to soothe your mind, Photo courtesy of Cammy Music Academy

The cheers and congratulations continue to echo when you join the parenthood club, but nobody ever talks about the challenges, emotional rollercoaster and stress that parents go through raising their own mini version of themselves amidst all the joy, laughter and happiness their bundle of blessing has brought to their home.

It is ever so important and crucial, to find time in between the chaos of a hectic day to manage your stress as a parent and here are some ways to help you through a stressful day.

Routine. Having a daily routine for weekdays and weekends can help manage time and prep your kids into a routine, and get them to be part of the excitement of the day too. Your family can come together and engage as a strong unit in you daily life too by pitching in with daily chores.

Music. If you love music, having light music when you are home, buzzing around the kitchen or doing chores, helps to set a nice ambience and as the day unfolds, a different tune for a different mood can sure help jazz up your time spent at home.

Essential oils. Diffusing essential oils can brighten up your mood while keeping you calm whether you are at home or at work and it also provides the environment with a natural beautiful scent. A little dab on your acupressure points such as your wrist or your neck can bring you sheer calmness while you are on the move too. Lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot to chamomile are some that can help ease the stress and anxiety away.

Make time for self-care. No matter how hectic parenting can be, make time for self-care, be it weekly yoga classes, going for walks, taking a swim or just a quick catchup with friends.

Essential oils to relieve stress and promote good sleep, Photo courtesy of Mama Natural Solutions

Take a personalised yoga class, Photo courtesy of Ericca Yoga & Wellness

A cuppa. Nothing beats a nice cuppa coffee or tea when you get a moment alone to reminisce the day with the utmost gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

Talk about the day. Talk about your day with your kids, your husband or your partner and ask about their day too. Open communication goes a long way in creating a safe haven for every single loved one in your family.

Whether you are a full time parent at home or at work, always remember to find your own little stress free essentials every day. Remember that parenting is a daily experience, so enjoy every moment raising your little angels!