Bath Time And Cleansing

Gentle body wash and complementary products, Photo courtesy of Rivadouce

Bath Time And Cleansing

Cold cream and moisturising cream, Photo courtesy of Rivadouce

Baby bath time is one of the most precious bonding time between mama and your little one and as a mama, you want only the best for your precious little one. Bath time for babies and children and the cleansing routine are often daily tasks that parents place much importance on. Newborns and infants in particular could be prone to sensitive skin, and taking such care in the bathing ritual and what products to incorporate into this daily practice is something to be emphasised. Indeed, the transition from being in a protected environment to one where microbial aggressors abound, coupled with external stressors such as repeated nappy changes, friction from nappies and so forth, can result in such sensitive skin on infants.

For starters, carefully evaluate and then select the necessary products, taking into consideration some of these factors, in particular for the Rivadouce Bebe range :

  • Found in 1 in 4 French maternity clinics and more than 3000 day nurseries in France.
  • Organic formula and hypoallergenic as well as bio-degradable.
  • White lotus flower extract as a key ingredient, a symbol of purity, with softening and soothing properties. It is also ethically cultivated.
  • Natural fragrance with orange blossom and vanilla notes, free from allergens.
  • Made in France for over 5 decades.

Three particular products that may be of interest to mothers include the following :

  • Gentle body wash. Cleanses and moisturises baby’s skin and hair, suitable for all skin types.
  • Superfatted cleansing gel. Rich in super-fatting agents which moisturise and soothe feeling of tightness, suitable for dry or atopic skin, for use on skin and hair.
  • Cleansing milk. For cleansing and cleaning with a single wipe to the face, body and bottom, it is convenient and effective as it is a no-rinse formula, suited to dry or atopic skin.

Be sure to bring these along on trips too, Photo courtesy of Rivadouce

Certainly, trying out these products is a necessary step to take to ensure that you are comfortable incorporating them into your family lifestyle. Another route would be to seek recommendations from friends and family, individuals who have themselves made use of such products and have had good experiences with them. Listen to your baby and your intuition, you will know what suits your needs best.