A Safe Journey Home With Your Bundle Of Joy!

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A Safe Journey Home With Your Bundle Of Joy!

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Being a new parent can be exciting and exhilarating! At the same time, one can also be overwhelmed, with so many new tasks to consider and responsibilities to shoulder. It is that feeling when as parents we take being adults to a new level where we are now actually responsible for another human life, and his or her safety is our main priority, an obsession even.

One thing for sure that kept popping up in my personal list as I prepared for the day I welcomed my prince, is bringing him home safely from the hospital. I had asked so many parents and even Mr. Google on what the best way was to transport my bundle of joy safely, whether just carrying him in my arms like how our parents brought us home was enough, or was a bassinet or carseat better options to make it easier while we get discharged from the hospital.

As parents, we need to make a big deal of carseats as they are the most basic and fundamental equipment for the safety of our newborn baby, as a correctly installed car seat effectively reduces fatality by 71% for infants. That data alone is staggering to me on how we can prevent fatality in the event of a car crash and as the saying goes, you can never be too paranoid when it comes to your baby’s safety as accidents happen without warning!

And as a parent, it is so important how a car seat helps to create a safe bubble for your newborn and why you shouldn’t carry your baby in your arms. During a sudden stop or crash, you will not be able to hold on to your baby. Your baby potentially might sustain serious head and body injuries if dropped or thrown out of the car during any incident of crash. The safest way to transport your baby in the car is by using an appropriate carseat correctly. Indeed, a carseat is designed to support and protect your baby’s head, neck, and spine in the event of a sudden stop or crash. It plays a major role in reducing the severity of injuries by safely cradling your baby, spreading out the forces of the crash.

Through experience, when I was welcoming my first born, I learnt that there are two types of car seats to choose from, the infant carrier or the convertible car seat. Whichever one you decide on, you have taken the first step in ensuring your baby’s safety.

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Infant carrier . Infant carriers are car seats designed specifically for new-borns until 18 to 24 months or at the maximum weight of 13kg. These car seats are portable and extremely convenient for parents on the go. They are also equipped with many features, such as stroller compatibility, that really makes a new parent’s life so much easier!!!

Convertible carseat. Convertible carseats are designed to fit growing children from infant to toddler and sometimes beyond too; as it can be used from birth up to 18kg which is around 4 years of age while some car seats can even be used up to 12 years old. While these car seats allow for longer usage, compared to infant carriers, they are not portable or as convenient to use for newborn babies.

There are also a few key tips that you can adopt and adapt when installing your first car seat for your new born. One of them is finding a perfect fit by ensuring that the shoulder slot is even with or slightly lower the shoulder level and this is to ensure a perfect fit for new born safety journey home. As portability is key, ensuring that your baby is buckled safely into the infant carrier before it is installed into the car with a ‘one click’ sound gives you an indication that your baby carrier is safely installed and locked in to the based of the carrier. One of my favourite things about a car seat or infant carrier is that they also function as a travel system which can click in and out of compatible strollers to become a mobility device, making each of your baby’s journey from a car ride to a stroll safer at all times. Last but not least, the installation of infant carriers is usually installed with the vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt, but some models are also compatible with a carseat base allowing for ISOFIX installations which is an international standard system that allows you to fit a carseat directly into a vehicle without using a seat belt.

Information on carseats is priceless and through experience as a parent welcoming my first born, it was definitely an essential item that is worth the investment as we had a travel system that was designed with both the infant carrier and a stroller that have been with us until my son reached the age of 6. It not only kept my mind at ease, but provided sheer comfort knowing that I was able to drive and travel safely with my son with so much ease and without hassle.

Now that you know the fundamentals of making a safe journey for your newborn baby or babies, carseats are a must, not only to bring your newborn baby from hospital home but for many more journeys to come while your baby is growing up. Make your baby’s safety your priority every day!