A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Antibacterial surface spray and degreasing cleaner, Photo courtesy of Milton

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Have hand sanitisers on hand at home, Photo courtesy of Purell

As the famous de-cluttering queen Marie Kondo denotes tidying up is a life changing activity as a home that is clutter free is also a stress free one. Keeping only things in our home that spark joy is an essential way to life, but for those mere mortals like us who are not ready to adopt the more minimalistic lifestyle as the KonMari method suggests, we all can definitely have a few essential ways of our own to have a clean home to provide a loving environment as a nest for our family.

A pandemic edition to level up essentials to your clean home :

Hand sanitiser. A must-have in every home during the pandemic and in every bag when you are on the go, to ensure that your family is equipped with a hand sanitiser at hand where water or soap is out of an arm’s reach. Clean hands lower the risk of infection and where better to start; your own home.

Essential oils. Diffusing essential oils in your home allows a calming effect for the entire family. You can choose a variety of essential oils throughout the day to set the right mood at different times for the family until bedtime. The selections are wide from lavender, bergamot, lemon, ylang ylang, peppermint to frankincense to tickle your sense of smell. Diffusing essential oils is a 100% natural and highly effective way to freshen the home. Other than freshening the air, some oils can also be part of homemade cleaners, used to wipe down surfaces.

Water filtration system. Water is an elixir of life and clean water is an integral part of a clean home. Ensure clean portable water daily for your family use from various companies that are available with affordable monthly instalments.

Non-chemical cleaning agents. It is important to choose non-chemical cleaning agents for our daily use at home. Demand from consumers seeking safer, chemical free cleaning agents that is food grade friendly too is on the rise. Look out for sustainable cleaning and sanitising solutions that can be incorporated into your lifestyle, from cleaning your home to washing fresh vegetables and fruits prior to consumption.

Air filter/purifier. An air filter or purifier is an essential item in every home, especially with the various pollutants in our air. It also helps reduce allergies for those who are sensitive to dust, animal fur or dander. Various options are available to suit varying needs and budgets.

These essentials can help to boost your clean home to the next level especially during the time of a pandemic outbreak.  As we always say, a clean home is surely a happy home.

Learn about cleansing benefits of essential oils, Photo courtesy of Mama Natural Solutions