A Busy Parent’s Guide to Online Shopping

Variety of products for online purchase or physical store visits, Photo courtesy of Manjaku Baby Mall

A Busy Parent’s Guide to Online Shopping

Purchase baby wipes and other essentials online and have them delivered to your home, Photo courtesy of Manjaku Baby Mall

Congratulations on entering the new phase called parenthood! So whether you are a new mum, or dad….or parenting a toddler or child, you will now find yourself taking the level of multitasking to a new level.

Your new bub now demands more of your time, and guess what, this will certainly not ease as they move on to toddlerhood either. Let us not forget the time needed to take care of household chores and if you are working, juggling work at the same time as well. Yet, we cannot deny that we will need time to shop for a variety of things to prepare for the new baby, and as your baby outgrows milestones or reach a new phase, there is always a continuous need to shop for essentials (and I have to admit, also nice-to-have) items. Just as you thought that was it, then there will be times where there will be a friend who is expecting a new baby, or birthdays and celebrations amongst friends and family. So, let us all admit this…. we are all time poor, and it is sometimes really not practical to physically visit store to store just to just buy something, so by now, we are all too familiar with the ultimate solution in this digital era for the busy mum (or dad) – online shopping!

Apart from saving you time, online shopping can save you money too. You save on travel time, and on fuel and reduce the anxiety, especially now that we are in times where we are all trying to keep safe and healthy in a pandemic and minimise exposure unnecessarily. So why not shop conveniently from the comfort of your home or your desk, right?

Whilst many of us may not be a stranger to online shopping, we should be mindful of some quick online shopping tips before we get swept away in an online shopping frenzy :

Shop from trusted sites and stores. Although online shopping gives you all the convenience, it does unfortunately come with risks. You do not want to end up with non-delivery, faulty items or bad products. It is important to check out trustworthy sites that have good reviews or from trusted recommended sources. Choose sites with trusted and verified payment methods that you are comfortable with so that your information will not be compromised.

Check product reviews. The best part about online shopping is that it is usually easy to find consumer reviews on most products sold online. However, just like it is important to shop from a trusted site, it is important to also compare the reviews across different sites to ensure that the reviews are consistent and from trusted sources.

Wide variety. If you have to get multiple items, choose a store that will provide you with a good range and variety of products. This will save you time and delivery cost. Some stores will also provide you a discount on bulk purchases or purchases with a minimum order.

Option to visit a store in your vicinity too, Photo courtesy of Manjaku Baby Mall

Look out for specials, both online as well as in stores, Photo courtesy of Manjaku Baby Mall

Compare prices, sales and promotions. Always compare prices because different stores and brands might have different sales, deals and promotions at different times. In addition, some stores may have discount coupon codes that you can use to give you more savings.

Return policies. Always check the store’s return or exchange policies. Whilst even the most trustworthy store can give you reputable products, some products can be faulty during manufacturing or damaged during delivery. Sometimes, whilst buying online, we might also make the mistake of wrong sizing, so check out the store’s exchange policies in such circumstances.

Reward programmes. Some online stores have reward programmes for loyal and regular customers. Such incentives can provide you with more savings in future or even free gifts upon purchases or on special occasions like birthdays. If there is a reward programme associated with the store and you foresee yourself becoming a regular customer, it is always worth considering signing up for their reward or loyalty programmes.

Mailing lists. Just like reward programmes, some stores have mailing lists that you can subscribe to for free. Whilst it is also a way for the store to market their products and promotions, sometimes these mailing list subscriptions provide you alerts for upcoming sales and promotions.

So, what is there not to love about online shopping? We could all do with the extra time and convenience. I know I certainly do! It is indeed the ultimate solution for a busy mum juggling kids, work and managing the household. Happy shopping!